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Windows XP PowerPacker

Current version: 1.0 RC17
Released March 27, 2012
Downloads 1315

Windows XP PowerPacker will help a user create a Multiboot Windows XP disk with or without DriverPacks. It will do almost everything for you, even hex edit the files needed to be hexed, create the boot directory, boot menu, etc. It makes creating multiboot XP disks a breeze.

XP PowerPacker - Language Files

Langauge Files are not available for Windows XP Powerpacker yet.

Coming Soon...


Current version: n.a.
Released n.a.
Quoted from B‚shrat the Sneaky (of driverpacks.net):

I started these DriverPacks because I wanted to achieve a Uniform UXPCD. Why in the world would you want support for all available hardware, I hear you thinking. Well, that's easy to explain: to be able to use these unattended Windows XP installation CD's on any computer (of course one that's capable of running Windows XP).

So in that thread at MSFN.org I asked how I could do that. Of course people were laughing at me (a quote: "I think you'd be naive to think you'd be able to fit the (latest) drivers of every device made since XP was launched, on the one cd")...

DriverPacks support forum!

The O.E.M. A.C.T.

Original Equipment Manufacturer
Activation Control Technology

This is for those of us computer techs that are sick and tired of installing a clients computer system and having to call microsoft to activate a valid OEM system. What this does is allows you to place manufacturer specific oembios.* files on your disks that are used during setup to replace the default ones that originally come on a windows disk. During installation a program is ran that reads the computers bios to determine what manufacturer it is. Then it determines which oembios.* files are needed when installing the system. It copies the correct files and then the computer will be pre-activated. This should significantly reduce the amount of times you need to call microsoft to activate.

This is not using any hacked files. This is a legal way of creating a universal manufacture disk to install systems which have a valid OEM license from a Royalty OEM like Dell HP Sony Compaq etc...


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