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Windows XP PowerPacker

Create true Universal Windows XP Discs!!!

     This utility is used by computer technicians around the world. It allows users to carry every edition of Windows XP on one disc instead of having to lug around a stack of discs or a folder full of discs. Some of you may be thinking... "Well let's see... Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional, That doesn't sound like a lot of discs to have to carry around." But then you have to think about each version as well... Home OEM, Retail, Upgrade, Corporate... Professional OEM, Retail, Upgrade... and let's not forget Media Center. Each Edition/Version uses different product keys. So a true technician will need to have all of them just in case it is needed. If you were to try to add all of these onto one cd you would find out that you couldn't really get much more than one Edition/Version on the disc unless you knew exactly what you were doing. Windows XP PowerPacker actually finds all of the files that are the same from each edition/version and makes sure the files are really only written to the disc once... but it is added to the TOC of the disc in multiple places... making it look and act like a cd that is holding Gigs of information on it.

     To make Windows XP PowerPacker even more powerful I would need to tell you about the other features it has that most, if not all, simular utilities do not have:

* This program has built in support for www.DriverPacks.net! DriverPacks are used to make an XP installation disc have all available drivers installed on a system when windows is installed. Let's face it... you can't truly have a, "Universal Windows XP Disc", if you don't have all of your drivers installed as well. ;)

* It also has features to allow you to use multiple winnt.sif files for each Edition/Version. This is useful for those of you who need to deploy many different computers with different settings and product keys. So even if you are not in the need of compiling a disc with different Editions/Versions of XP... maybe you need many different settings for specific installs?

* You can also create settings files for later use so that you can unattendedly create your multiboot disc. You can even set it up to chain link multiple instances of Windows XP PowerPacker, The RyanVM Integrator (another utility written by me), a custom batch file, nLite, or just about anything else! This only leaves your imagination as your limit! ;)

* Windows XP PowerPacker will even recognize a WPI directory (Windows Post-Install Wizard) and place it in the correct location of your multiboot disc. WPI is used for application installs. It gives you a fancy and simple way of having your 3rd party utilities installed during windows setup!

* It will also recognize OEMScan Addons that were integrated with the RVM Integrator. OEMScan is a small utility, created by xehqter of MSFN.ORG, that is used to read a computers bios during installation to detect if it is a manufacturer specific computer like Dell, HP, Gateway, etc... so that it can make sure the proper Pre-Activation files are copied over to prevent you from having to activate XP over the internet or phone... Which can be a real time saver!!! :D

I hope you enjoy this tool. A lot of time has been put into it since it's first release, on msfn.org, way back in May 11th of 2005.

--Siginet (A.K.A. Professor CPU) of MSFN.org, RyanVM.net, SiginetSoftware.com

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