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The advanced section.


Exclude Un-Needed Folders
Exclude WIN9XUPG folders, (WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG), from being copied to the destination (Helps save a lot of space on your final product if you do not plan on using the winnt32.exe upgrade option... which nobody should use anyways).

Exclude the LANG folder from being copied to the destination (Which also saves a lot of room and is not needed if you are only going to be using a localized version of WinXP).

Unattended Parameters:
(Add these to a script file to automate the Windows XP PowerPacker program.)

Open Windows XP PowerPacker with a different ini file or create a new ini file.
Example: PowerPacker_v1.0RC9.exe "D:\\mypath\\tomy\\inifile\\XPPC.ini"

You can now call Windows XP PowerPacker with 1 parameter to open it using a different ini file than the default powpack.ini file. If the ini file you tell it to open with does not exist Windows XP PowerPacker will create a brand new ini file with the name and path you specified. This comes in handy when you are getting your batch file ready. Just create a batch file that will open WinXP Powerpacker one by one and create all of your ini files that you will use in your "Packing batch file".

Create a "Pack" or "Tri-Pack" unattendedly.
Example: PowerPacker_v1.0RC9.exe "D:\\mypath\\tomy\\inifile\\XP_Corp.ini" -pack

To create a "Pack" or "Tri-Pack" unattendedly all you will need to do is call XP Powerpacker from a script file with 2 parameters. 1. The first parameter is the path and file you wish to use as the ini file. (With quotes if your path contains spaces.) 2. The second parameter needs to be "-pack" (with or without the quotes)

Packaging ISO Unattended
Example: PowerPacker_v1.0RC9.exe -package "My PowerPack" "D:\\mypath\\tomy\\inifile\\XP_Corp.ini" "D:\\ISOs\\PowerPackDVD\\PowerPackDVD_08-17-05.iso"

Now if you have finished creating packs and are ready to compile the iso... you can use this set of 4 parameters to Unattendedly "Package ISO"...
1. The first parameter should be "-package" (With or without the quotes)
2. The second parameter is the lable you want on your disk. (With quotes if your name contains spaces.) (Also I think the max amount of characters you can use is 16)
3. The third parameter is the path and file you wish to use as the ini file. (With quotes if your path contains spaces.)
4. The fourth parameter would be the path and filename of the iso you wish to create.

Coming soon...

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